Doljabi SET - Modern + Golf Set


Doljabi is a Korean tradition for babies on their first birthday.  Each item represents a different path in life and the first item that the baby picks predicts their future. Guests are part of the celebration as they guess which item the baby will choose and the winners are rewarded with gifts from the parents.  This tradition is gaining popularity around the world, so don't be surprised if you see doljabi being used at your next first birthday party!  And if you are planning a first birthday party for your little one, we highly recommend this item to create a memorable event!   

Modern Doljabi Set Includes:

Pencil (scholar), Thread (good health), Microphone (entertainer), Hammer (judge), Airplane (diplomat or pilot), Mouse (Computer Programmer), Soccerball (athlete), Stethoscope (doctor) and Golf Set (golfer).

***Colors may vary. Girl Colors: White, Pink, Yellow. Boy Colors: White, Blue, Yellow.


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